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Membership Cards, Charges and Payments

A member card indicating a Club account number and the category of dues will be issued to the member and the eligible members of his or her immediate family upon payment of the dues by the member.

The opportunity to charge to a member’s personal Club account is extended as a privilege of membership at the Club and is subject to continuing review and approval by the Club. The Club reserves the right to eliminate the use of Club accounts and monthly billings for members and to require that all fees and other charges incurred at the Clubs are charged to a member’s credit card.

All charges must be signed legibly by the person making the charge and the member’s last name and Club account number must be printed on the charge ticket. Guests and employees are not permitted to sign charge tickets on behalf of members.

Members are responsible for the payment of all charges incurred by their immediate family members and guests.

In order to protect members from improper charges, the Club may require the presentation of membership cards at the point of sale for all transactions. Membership cards are not transferable and may not be used by any person other than the person to whom it is issued. It is the responsibility of each member to retain receipts for charges incurred at the Club. Copies of the monthly charges will not be included in the monthly statement. Receipts will only be mailed to members upon request if a charge is disputed.

The Club must be notified in writing immediately if a member card is lost or stolen. The member’s account shall than be canceled. Until written notification of card loss is received by the Club, the member shall be responsible for all charges placed on the account. For each membership card replaced, a service charge will be automatically billed to the member’s Club account.

All dues, fees, food, beverage, merchandise and services of a the Club charged to a member’s Club account will be processed to the credit card we have been provided and a detailed invoice will be provided monthly. Past due bills will accrue each month at an amount equal to a minimum late fee established by the Club and/or interest rate of 18% annually.

If the Club account of any member is delinquent, the Club may take whatever action it deems necessary to effect collection. If the Club commences legal action to collect any amount owed by a member, or to enforce any other liability of a member of a the Club, and judgment is obtained by the Club, the member shall also be liable for all costs and expenses incurred by the Club in connection with the legal action including reasonable attorney’s fees (including fees required in connection with appellate proceedings).

Each member must file with the Membership Office the mailing address and any changes thereto, to which all notices and invoices of the Club are to be mailed. Members shall be deemed to have received mailings from the Club ten days after they have been mailed to the address on file with the Membership Office

Complaints or suggestions concerning the management, service or operation of the Club should be in writing, signed by the member and addressed to the General Manager. Errors in billing charges should be directed to the attention of the General Manager as well.